Monday, 22 August 2011

Shabby Chic Table

I took a simple foray into the world of shabby chic and painted our dining room table! I know it's nothing new. These tables are the perfect project piece and there are a million of them all looking the same, but it suits us just grand.

Here is the before pic up top. Well, I had just started to sand when I remembered to take a before pic. :o)

Power tools are awesome! I love playing about with practical things like this. I may not particularly good at it, but it's fun, so I don't mind.

Yes, I know. Skinny jeans are not the perfect attire for sanding. I just felt the urge and went with it, not stopping to get scruffs on.

Here's the dismantled table with just its undercoat on...

I bought the table from the YMCA charity shop. I love looking around there and imagining what I could do with all their stuff. Where would I put it? What colour could I paint it? Could the seat be recovered? What fabric? Joy joy!

Yep, you've guessed it. This is my fad of the moment.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out though! It's a bit sketchy from close up, but it's saved me a packet on buying the table I originally wanted from IKEA. I saw this "Liatorp" table when I was in with mum a while ago.
Okay, so it's larger and it extends, but it's pretty similar no?

I knew that these pine round ones existed, I just had to be patient and wait for one to come along. I missed the boat on a few eBay ones, so in the end, I paid £15 for the one I got from the YMCA. It was probably a bit much considering that they go for naff all on eBay, but I was getting impatient. The paint was about £15 for the undercoat and chalk-white eggshell. I'll get some clear varnish for the top too, which I am guessing will be about a tenner? So it's cost me £40 in total. Saving £139 on the cost of the IKEA one. Yey!

We used to have a massive antique pine table from IKEA, but it was huge in the space. There are only 4 of us, and we don't need a really big dining area. We do eat most of our meals at the table though, so it is an essential buy.

My parents kindly lent us our put-me-on table.

It belonged to my Great Nana (mums side) so although it is battered and old, it has sentimental value. The veneer is coming off in places and the varnish is peeling everywhere. The table legs keep coming apart and the tabletop is warped upwards at one side, but it's still special.

It currently resides in our office, but I will probably put an ad on freecycle to see if anyone else could make use of a put-me-on table.

Here's our "new" table again...

And how it looks with the kid's seats in there too...

Huzzah!! :o)

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