Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Be The Change!

With help from some of my online friends on the UK board I'm going to kick this nasty procrastination habit to the curb! I've got some great suggestions from them and starting tonight I'm a new woman!

So what have I done already... I did get up and do all the ironing when I said I would and we've just got Lyric in bed and I've booked our holiday to Centre Parcs, which I've been putting off doing for ages.

Before I go to bed tonight I'm going to fill the dishwasher, bring the washing in off the line, clear the dining table and take the big cardboard box up into the nursery (for the baby boy clothes and Lyrics newborn and 0-3 month clothes).

Tomorrow I'm going to Matalan with mum in the morning and then I have a good friend and her children (Anna, Jude, and Serena) coming round for a bit after school. So tomorrow I'll just do a load of washing or something and maybe sling the hoover round the living room. Oh, and the piggies need cleaning out too...

I'm sorry I'm being boring. The last thing you probably want to read about is my bloomin' housework, but that's what I'm all about at the minute - housewife and mother. I'll make it up to you by sharing some pics I took of Lyric yesterday. She's wearing a CUTE knitted cardi that buttons up at the bottom.


No Procrastination!

You know when someone asks "if there was one thing you could change about yourself what would it be?" Well my answer would be that i wish to bloody hell i could stop procrastinating as much. It does my head in! Even this blog entry is a cleverly disguised procrastination attempt because i don't want to get up and do my ironing!

So, from now on i pledge to stop procrastination cold turkey.

There are jobs i need to do and i can't do them all at once, granted. But what i can do is stop and think about whether i am not doing said job right now because i have something else to do first, or have already been busy and deserve a rest. OR am i just being a lazy numpty that needs to get off her fat arse and stop putting things off?!
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