Friday, 20 November 2009

Update coming soon

Find me some time, please? Where's The Doctor when you need him?! I could really do with another 12 hours in my day. Either that or to suddenly thrive on only 3 hours of sleep or something.

Here's today's list:

Pay card bill - DONE
Ironing - Massive pile taking over dining end of living room
Clean guinea pigs out - They're fed up of paddling around in their own poop
Edit baby pics - Yeah, mum is moaning about not having any recent ones
Send pics to mum - see above
Phone Sky - Why are they charging us a million pounds every month?
Arrange estate agents - to value our home
Catch up with emails and PMs - Because people will wonder if I still exist
Take Xmas pic of the baby - to cheat when making cards
Make Xmas cards - all 100 of them
Make birthday invites - to save on postage and send with Xmas cards
Book baby's 8-12 month check-up - preferably before she turns 2
Book hair appointment - otherwise I won't be able to see all the stuff I'm supposed to be doing as my fringe is so long
Do banking - DONE

I'll let you know how I get on.

Oh and that's not including the list of things I have to do every day, usually:

Hoover - so baby doesn't eat the fluff, contact lenses and toenails that accumulate every day
Dishwasher - because we go through as many pots as a small restaurant
Cook healthy meals for baby - while I live on bourbons
Wash, dress, clothe small person - and me!
Entertain small person - while trying to get away with watching an episode of True Blood/Smallville/Stargate Universe at the same time.
Walk to town/Tesco/mini Tesco - for something that you need, but don't have a car to nip and get.

Then I will sit down tonight and wonder why the heck I've been busy all day and got nothing done.
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