Thursday, 25 August 2011

Where do i (re)start?!

I figured out that I was going about this all wrong. In order to get things done, but I mean really get them finished all the way to the end is to actually treat each thing as a project in itself. Simply attacking the whole house as one massive project isn't working.

The Prince2 textbook defines a project as, "A management environment that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products according to a specified Business Case."

Well, I think that's far too formal and businessy for my application.

An alternative definition is, "A temporary organisation that is needed to produce a unique and predefined outcome or result at a pre-specified time using predetermined resources."

I like that one. It's saying that you should decide the outcome, the timescale for completion and resources before you begin. Perhaps it's still a little too rigid for my purposes though. It should definitely be kept in mind, but this is my home. If I decide to splash out a little more money halfway through a project because I won a tenner on the lottery then that's what I shall do!

So I think I will just stick with the most simplistic definition I could find. From good old

"Something that is contemplated, devised, or planned."

There is enough vagueness in this explanation to afford me the flexibility I need here. I will be contemplating, devising and planning in earnest, but I am sure there will be scope creep and deadline readjustment every which way. I am not doing this for the end result in itself, but to enjoy the journey too. I know right... geek! I've never been the coolest of kids. 

As I thought about this new approach and looked around, it became clear that I needed this strategised plan of attack for completing the jobs I have in mind. For starters I had no list to refer to, and no idea really what needs doing except that some things bug me still.

So, I took my trusty camera and snapped photos of all the areas as I came across them. This will help me to formulate my list and also provide the "before" snaps too.

My next post will be about sorting through my photographs and deciding the scope of each one and it's priority.

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