Thursday, 25 August 2011

Project Planning - The Craft Room / Home Office / Guitar Room

Okay, so I have my compilation of photographs showing the areas I wanted to work on in my home. Well, the ones that came to mind as I was touring my house with the camera the other day. :)

What I really need to do is look at each photo separately and set out what needs to be done and the priority of the task. I should also maybe think about a budget, but I am aiming to spend as little as I can in each area. Probably a great reason to have a budget in itself!

The first job that needs to be done is to organise the office/craft space. 

Sigh. Remember how this used to look?

Well, life just kind of got in the way of keeping this room neat. That and the magical magnetic power it seems to have in attracting all of the homeless gibble from all over the house... Admittedly, this is a particularly messy day. The ironing board isn't usually there and neither are those clothes that you see piled up. I was having an ironing day.

This room has to be tackled first because I am going back to work!! :) My boss has oh so kindly allowed me to work from home, which means that a) I can actually return to work at all, b) don't have to commute = less time and less money and c) I get to create a cute home-office space. YEY!

My deadline is 12th September. This is my first day back. 

I'm actually trying to source a better desk than the one I have in there at the moment. This one is very cheap in construction, so it is literally falling apart. You can see into the drawers from the back and if it needs to be moved, the top of the desk comes away from the bottom part. The structural integrity of this thing is like zero. Plus, as a workspace, it's teeny tiny. I need room to spread out!

Sooo... From taking a look at my photo I can see what needs to be done:
  • Design a plan for the space with working as a primary function and crafting/guitars as a secondary function.
  • Take out everything that doesn't belong in there - dining table & spare chairs etc.
  • Work out what needs to be stored in this space and that can move elsewhere.
  • Find storage solutions.
  • Replace the desk if at all possible.
  • Declutter all unused craft items to eBay and put funds in new camera savings fund or towards the new desk
  • Budget = as little as possible. Look in the loft for things to repurpose and try to get a secondhand desk or a table to use as a desk. 
As I think about this job more I realise that this cupboard is within that scope.

It's in the same room and currently houses the mop, sweeping brush, ironing board and hoover etc. It really does need rejigging though. I am note sure that cleaning things are best stored in the office. Perhaps they should go under the stairs instead. I don't know. I'll see how things look once i've cleared out the space in the office / craft room.

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