Monday, 31 January 2011

Big Unit

This is our "Big Unit." Sometimes when my husband refers to the Big Unit I cannot be entirely sure he is talking about this piece of furniture, but I give him the benefit of the doubt else I'd get a complex. Look! Mister Maker is on the TV!

Now, this was a genius buy intended to banish all clutter from our living room forever. We would just close the doors on it and forget about what was lurking inside while we watched Dr. Who or whatever. Unfortunately, being messy by nature, the Big Unit hasn't really fulfilled that role. Yet.

At the moment it's more of a "clutterattractamatron". Due to the shelves being really high up and out of the reach of our curious toddler, we end up sticking everything on there for now. Illustrated pretty well on the above photo. In fact, this photo shows an improvement cause we previously had all the top shelves open. I bought two new doors in order to reduce the cluttered space. It does look loads better, especially for the short time it is free from rubbish.

Now, I know you're as nosy as I am - why else would you be here!? :o) So I have some photos of what does lurk behind those doors...

Okay, so this was a typical messy day before adding those extra doors. As you can see, the abandonment of stuff is not limited to the shelving, we also leave random objects on the top.

These drawers will likely just stay how they are. The wires and things are fine in the right and drawer and we need the nappies within easy reach, so they can stay in the left-hand drawer for now.

Need I explain what is pictured below? The clothes were the Eldest's next size ones waiting to be ironed. They've now gone into her room. The rest is mostly man stuff.

This is my crap. Obviously, the main ironing pile belongs with my things, being the wife and all... ;o)

You're not going to get closure on this today because I have no photos of what it looks like now. I've tidied the top shelving, sorted out my side and rearranged the ornaments so less is more. The hubby's side remains pretty much the same. Meh. I'll leave him to it.

So, I will take some pics and get them posted soon.

Well, it's the end of January and you know what? I am pleased with what I have done! I have managed to get started on a lot of little organising and decluttering projects that were really starting to grind me down. I may have flitted a little too much and not managed to finish a lot, but it is only the first month!

By the end of February, I expect we will have finished our son's nursery and made a good start on our next big decorating project - the living room. Yikes! It is badly in need of it, but boy am I not looking forward to that task. It's a pretty big room, not to mention having to work around two young kids. EEP!

Other smaller things I have planned for the near future are,
1. Organising a place to store all my daily essentials - diary, breast pads, phone, etc.
2. Sorting out an essentials pouch for my handbag / nappy bag.
3. Getting together a kiddies essentials pack for keeping in the car.

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