Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Not Achieved Much This Week

I had hoped to be able to show you the playroom or the rest of the Big Unit. Or even my nice newly decluttered kitchen nightmare spot. These are all the things that were next on my list to do. However, this week has flown by with barely a chance to flick a duster about!

This is what chaos looks like. Yes, my son is wearing a hat and purple gloves inside. What of it? ;)

You might wonder why on earth I am showing you these embarrassing photos of our home in disarray. Well, bloggers, I want to prove to you that this really is a journey for me. None of us here are naturally tidy. We are all bloody messy to the extreme! Our home is clean because although I don't enjoy it, I always do it. However, i just can't learn to see the small messes until they turn into huge catastrophic messes like these!

The worst of all rooms is the hallway. I dump things there when I come in the house and I dump things there that the kids aren't supposed to touch because there is a stair gate stopping them from getting in. I dump things that I mean to take upstairs with me next time I go and I dump things that need to leave the house with us when we go out. It's a general dump, as you can see.

These are the main reason I hate winter. I can tolerate the cold weather and the miserably short, bleak days to an extent, but I cannot stand having washing all over the house 24/7. I used to have a pretty good system, but then we gave the kids a playroom and that meant sacrificing my efficient and very effective inside clothes drying strategy. I really do need a new solution before it drives me mental.

So, let me just fart out the contents of my brain in relation to where i need to go next with this project... In no particular order...

I need to finalise the Big Unit organisation including,
  1. Declutter and organise CD's
  2. Arrange the open shelving so that it doesn't look like the bric a brac shelf in a charity shop
  3. Stop piling things on top of it, it looks horrendous, especially when you look in our front window from the street!
  4. Use the empty spaces - drawers, top left cupboard
The kitchen needs decluttering really badly. The surfaces are so full of junk I have forgotten what the worktops look like.

Arrange the living room furniture so that it doesn't look like a corridor.

Decorate daughter's bedroom pink! :)

Finish the playroom.

Paint the internal doors. It's been forever!

Put some photos in my photo frames. It's not a design statement, it's just lazy.

Do finishing touches in the master bedroom - art on other walls and cushions.

I can have this all done by Christmas, right?!


  1. What a great blog! Glad to know it isn't just American mums with this need to organise:-) my home is in chaos since my daughter arrived 20 months ago! This blog may be just the kick up the bum i need :-) x

    1. Hooray for kicks up the bum! ;) Congratulations on your daughter, it's a lovely age when they're mobile and into everything, but very trying, lol! Thanks very much for visiting!x

  2. Hi Sarah, don't worry your house looks a lot like ours on a normal day! We have 3 untidy boys and I'm not a naturally tidy person, so little by little I'm trying to de-clutter and organise our home. Hence my blog is called Tidy Away Today, I'd love you to visit sometime!

    1. Hi there, thanks for your comment, and your sympathy, lol! I'll definitely drop by your blog! :)

  3. Totally with you on the not being able to notice the small messes until it descends into total chaos :o) My worst areas are the table in the front room, the hallway and my bedroom (honestly, you'd thing I was 15 it's that bad at the moment). So what am I doing about it? Starting to catch up on reading the blogs that I have missed over the last couple of weeks - obviously that will get it done :o)

    1. Ha ha ha! You're just like me! But we DO need to gather our strength and become inspired before we begin, don't we?? ;)

    2. Exactly!!! You never know when you will find that post that tells you the magic words that you need to utter for the whole house to just tidy & clean itself ;-)


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