Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My Daily Box

This little box of tricks has worked wonders for my morning routine! It's a similar idea to the little cosmetics bag I put together for keeping in my handbag / nappy bag.

It sits in my bedside cabinet and when I get out of the shower in the morning I just grab the box and it has everything I need right there! Now, this might sound like a bit of a no-brainer to some of you, but please bear in mind that everything was previously strewn all over. Makeup in one place, hair things in another. Deodorant here, contact lenses there. It really was an exercise in memory and fitness just to run around finding all of my daily essentials each morning!

Plus, with everything being in one place, it's much easier to keep moving it to different places out of my daughters way when she's hanging around me getting ready, rather than having to constantly scoop up and move loads of loose items. 

So, in here I have...

A mirror - I apologise for the reflection of our awful ceiling and tatty old light shade. Our bedroom is unfortunately well down the list of "things to spend money on" this year.
Face wipes - I'm too lazy to properly wash my face each evening, so I use a face wipe. I don't wear enough make up for it to matter anyway.
Alice band - to keep my hair out of my face when I'm getting ready
Bag of hair clips and bobbles - cause I usually wear my hair up every day
Deodorant - anti stinky
Hairbrush - to pull out all my hair since all I do is shed right now
Contact lenses - all the better to see you with my dear
Moisturiser - I do think I should be considering an alternative to "First Effects" by now. :o|
Eyeshadow and brush, bronzing pearls and brush, mascara - the only make up I wear usually if I bother at all
Witch Hazel - for zits
Q Tips - for my ears. I have an ear cleaning fetish.


  1. no lipstick? :) that's the one thing I cannot do without. Everything else - yes :) Except foundation - after all these years trying to conceive, hormones left, right and centre with IVFs .... my skin is horrible!

    am also too lazy to clean my face properly!

    1. Ha ha! Glad i'm not the only lazy one! I just can't wear lipstick, it feels odd on my lips. Plus, it never lasts very long with me. I must lick my lips a lot. I'm sorry to hear your TTC journey has not been a straightforward one. It's a wonderful and often under appreciated thing to be lucky enough to bring a healthy baby home without complications in conception or arrival. xxxxxxxxxx


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