Friday, 11 June 2010

Extension Update

Okay, so now I have access to my images from my poorly laptop I am able to bring you up to date with the progress for the extension. Scott and I were saying today that we haven't had even one small moment of regret since starting this build. In fact, the only negative point we had was when we looked at the footings and thought "Oh no! Did we go big enough?!" but then we spoke to a few people and apparently it's a common reaction to have to the footings. Now we have walls and stuff we're like "EEP! It's massive!!"

We're so excited. It literally turns our home into somewhere we do not need to leave for the foreseeable long term future. We have somewhere to put our hobby things, which could potentially be a fourth bedroom if needs be. The kitchen will be gorgeous and the living room massive with plenty of room to put all our kid's things in.

Jon The Builder said that we may even get finished before we thought we would, so although I'm not pinning my hopes on that or anything, it does make me go YEY!

Here are our kind of before photos. The garage was already dismantled, so it's not a true before, but it gives an idea.

The build began!! (week one)

Week Two - We have big gray bricks up and our back window has been customised. Yes that is my ironing pile on the table.

Week Three is about the external proper brick work and building our shed.

Week Four has been exciting. We have windows and walls and french doors and a step and ALL SORTS!

This is the window that will be in our new downstairs bathroom. The boiler will be getting moved to the right a little to fit the bathroom wall in. 

It looks neater from the outside!

Notice our shiny new fascias and soffits. The old ones were dire, so we figured we should get them done with the extension. What a boring thing to spend money on though! At least it was done along with more exciting things.

Inside we have been boarded out and the electrics and plumbing first fix has been done. The floor has been insulated and boards screwed down. Flagstones have been laid in front of the door and right along the back so it's not just straight to grass when you step out.

The garden will need some attention! :)

So that's us up to date. I will definitely keep you informed as time goes on with more photos of the renovations as they progress. I am MOST looking forward to taking the end result pictures though! OOOH!!

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  1. Looks like it is going to be lovely. I lve looking at progress pics,lol


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