Monday, 31 May 2010

The Craft / Guitar Room Before Photos (AKA Our Current Kitchen)

Okay, so today I took some photos of the kitchen for posterity. It will eventually become our office/craft/guitar room once it's been done out.

So, this is the view towards what used to be our back door. Now it's an interesting feature wall thanks to the extension wall. :o)

This is the view from the "back door" into the back of the kitchen. This part is actually going to be separated to form a kind of en suite shower room. The shower will go where the fridge is now.

And this is me standing in the doorway looking in. We will need to move the boiler to the right a little to get the shower room wall in so it will be smaller than this. Still a decent size though!

I can just imagine how much you're admiring our gorgeous original 1970's kitchen units. My word, I can't wait to get rid of them!!

There are photos of the extension in progress, but they're on my own laptop, which is still out of action. I reeeeaaaally hope that the IT guys at work can get my stuff off it cause there are photos of the baby on there that I really want! :(


  1. I dont know why you want to change that kitchen it looks very retro lol. Mum x

  2. It's going to be great when it's done. The doorway where the back door used to be will make a great place for shelves for your stash!

  3. You are so lucky to live with a guitarist, I live with a drummer and he takes up ALL the space!

  4. Good luck with the renovation :)

  5. Can't wait to see your finished renovation, i sooo need a new kitchen, mine looks like its made from old wardrobes... actually I think it was made of old wardrobes

  6. Ooo I love watching the progress of other peoples renovations, this is going to be exciting!

    And I'm sure you came across great on the radio X

  7. I'm purchasing a home with these cabinets in great condition. Can these be painted to give them a different look?
    What else besides painting can be done to these cabinets to give them a new look?


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