Thursday, 26 March 2020

Quality Outside Time

The weather is improving, despite the current state of the world's population. Huzzah for quality outside time! The garden has been sorely neglected over the winter, so we all went out to trim and tittivate.

Eldest decided she wanted to mess about with wood, so she made a cool little guinea pig toy, which I'll show you another day when I remember to take a photo.

The boys ran around being crazy, taking it in turns to shoot some hoops from off the top of the slide. Social distancing hasn't yet affected the ice cream van, so when the kids heard the chimes they sent Scott out to chase it down.

While the kids were playing happily in the sunshine, Scott and I got busy trimming hedges and bushes, weeding paths and sweeping up mess. We now have a lovely little patio area for the kids picnic table to go on to and the whole garden is looking much nicer. Yeah, we know that fence needs fixing - it's on the list!

This was the last weekend before the schools officially shut. Things have been quite a bit different since then...

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