Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Wasted Space to Memo Place

I had this completely wasted space right at the end of the high kitchen units. I have always thought I could do with doing something with that area but never knew what exactly. The main thing was I didn't want to screw anything into the unit itself to spoil it, so many of my ideas fell flat.

Then while I was browsing Amazon I came across this stuff - Adhesive Chalkboard Wall Sticker. Ah-mazing! It's a blackboard sticker! And it doesn't leave a mark when you take it off. Genius!

I already had a chalkboard that I used for menu planning, but it was just stuck on a shelf and I was irritated with having to keep taking it down and putting it back and stuff. 

Anyhoo, I forgot to take a decent "before" photo, but here's one from a while ago where you can just about see the edge of the unit on the left.

And this is what I did with it.

The clipboards were also from Amazon here: A4 Brown Clipboards, and they were a bargain at £1.69 each when I got them. I mainly put those there to get rid of the paper clutter from our cooker hood. Because the cooker hood is the only visible magnetic surface in the kitchen it was getting overloaded in invitations, Lyric's school menu, leaflets, etc. I guessed it was a bit of a fire hazard too with it being directly above the hob... 

I used the super-awesome Command Hooks also from Amazon (no I am not an affiliate, but maybe I should be, lol!) They stick to surfaces without leaving a mark when you want to take them down. I use the little clear ones for all my Xmas decorating and these larger ones can hold up to 1.3kg apparently! 

Don't mind the bit of graffiti on there, it's just what HAS to be done to christen every writing surface. It sat there as a place holder until I did this week's menu plan. 

And the great thing is that because the double doors to the living room are glass we don't have to worry about not being able to see what is there.

Nope, there are no Friday meals planned! I got bored and figured I'll have to go shopping again for LooLoo's birthday shizzle, so I might as well save me the brain effort of planning Friday as well.

I hope you all have a fabulous New Years' Eve! I will be staying in with my Chicken Pox riddled kiddos, getting grumpy when the fireworks wake me up at midnight. Pretty similar to the last three New Years then! Ha ha! :)


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