Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What the hell is this?!?!

Tell me you have these? I don't mean tell me you have these exact individual items, but tell me that I am not alone in finding these piles of completely random, homeless crap with chameleonic blending properties scattered about my home.

I'll be quite happily going about my business and all of a sudden I notice something out of the corner of my eye - maybe it shimmers in the light. Perhaps a window is open and I hear the faint rustle of a carrier bag in the breeze. I turn... look... and find this!

A baby bath stuff container, car seat fabrics, pram cosytoes, old nail varnishes case, a top I meant to return ages ago and an IKEA Skubb box. AKA random pile of rubbish that falls just outside of my day to day perception.

These piles breed. I start by just putting the box there "for now". What's a box?! It's pretty neat and I will find a place for it soon anyway. Then I come across the cosytoes and car seat fabrics when decluttering a drawer and wonder where the hell I'm going to put them. I'll take them downstairs with me, but I'm not going yet so they can sit on the box and I'll take them with me next time I go down.

Eldest wonders in from wherever she's been playing and she's carrying the old nail varnishes box.  I have no idea where she's found it and since it's bedtime and Youngest is about to wee on the bed I chuck it onto what was once just a couple of things and is now a rapidly increasing pile of crap. To add additional bits such as the Skubb box and the top at a later time is easily done once a POC (pile of crap) is established in a room. After all, what's two more small things? Plus, I am going to find homes for it all in a minu.... "Eldest! Please don't stick your head into the toilet!"

What was I doing? I don't remember...

Soon enough the POC develops mystical cloaking powers. I can walk past this collection of assorted guff sixteen times daily and not even realise it's there. It doesn't want to be seen.

The POC pictured today got zapped. Each item found its way to a new home or ended up in the bin. I am smug about it, but I can feel the others. They snigger at me from the corners, but one day I will see them... and I will get them.

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