Sunday, 15 March 2009

New Obsessions Needed

Okay, I need to think about something other than moving house. I don't think it's going to happen now, so I need to get my mind off it and use my obsessive tendencies for good. Obviously not being at work means my mind is working overtime on random things and I need to rein that in and concentrate on something that will help us. I have chosen the following subjects:     

1. New kitchen. Since we probably aren't moving it's time we looked at the 70's-esque food preparation area and decided what to do with it. We will save money until the end of the year, so until then, I need to get brochures, have design consultations, draw plans on my graph paper and generally obsess about layout/appliances/design, etc, etc. Yes. I did mention graph paper. We flirted with the idea of an extension to the house, so I got graph paper, measured the house and each room and made several detailed plans. Prior to that, we bought new bedroom furniture so I made a birdseye drawing of the bedroom and cut out little beds, wardrobes and drawers to scale in the choices we were looking at so that I could make sure we got the best fit for the room. Yes, I am a geek. I know this and I am not ashamed. Mock me as you will.

2. Weight loss. Having 3 babies in 3 years has really done a number on my body. I'm now 10 stone 10 and 5' 4" tall, which is not good. I want to get down to 9 stone, but I'll have to do it slowly so that I don't affect the breastfeeding. Basically, if I stop eating 20 biscuits a day and gorging myself stupid on jelly sweets and chocolate I should be a good way there!! I walk a few times a week when I take the baby out and about, plus the housework keeps me active (when I do it). So my lifestyle is quite a bit less sedentary than it was when I was working.

3. Decluttering / make spare cash. I am a hoarder by nature. I find it very difficult to let things go and have random collections of "stuff" in various stashes throughout the house. Mainly I hoard books, clothes, CD's, etc. I have started to sell my old books on Amazon and have received my first payment for £45. I'm listing all of my old maternity wear on eBay and there are tons of other things I have that I can sell as well. I sent off 4 old mobile phones to Envirophone the other week and got a cheque for £44 from that. I've been answering surveys online for a few pence and I'm due £50 for doing that. We collect 50p's and I have a copper jar too, which are up to about £55. Basically, maternity pay is SHIT and I need to be able to fund this new kitchen or house move somehow. If eBay hadn't made it a prohibited item I would so start selling photographs of my feet again!!! Now that was easy money!

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