Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My Kids Art Wall

Well, I know this has been a long time in the making, but I am finally able to post something here and it's something that I am head to toe proud of! You know that thing where you form an idea inside your mind's eye that you just know has a good chance of being impossible (or too expensive) to create? Well, I did that with this.

Remember the big purple wall in the kitchen? It had two frames up there as a "put me on" but I always envisioned it being a space where we could hang all the kids' art. Our appliances are all integrated, including the fridge, so all their pictures were being stuck to the extractor hood above the hob and it just looked a mess. Plus you couldn't see anything!

So, a bit of imagination, a huge load of luck, that trip to IKEA plus a couple of coats of paint and...

Huzzah!! I am so so so so pleased with it! The frame was a complete chance buy from eBay. I won it for the grand total of £1.04 and only had to pick it up from a nearby town. YEY! It was stained pine, but I painted it cause I prefer white.

The wires with the clips are from IKEA and they're called Deka. They're meant for curtains, but I've seen tons of bloggers use them for clipping up pictures and photos, etc, so I can't take credit for that idea.

Had to rope in the hubby to do the hanging part, but this is a really sturdy external wall, so there are no fears about it not being able to hold the weight. Most other walls in the house are super flimsy partition wall types.

I know that I caved again to my "GET THE BIGGEST ONE YOU CAN FIND" instinct, but I think in this case it paid off. I love love love my children's new gallery space and they love it too!

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  1. Sarah I love this idea for hanging your children's art. I am in the process of making a frame to hang in my office for the same purpose. Can I ask how you secured it on the wall? In the picture it looks like little silver cubes in the corners. I went to the hardware store but didn't find anything that looked as if it would work. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Joanna, You have probably sorted it out by now, but the fixings are like little L shaped brackets that you put screws through. I can send you a picture if you're still curious, although I hope you have it done by now! :)

  2. Beautiful! What is the name of the color purple you used? I love it. Would love to paint my bathroom that color if I can figure out where to buy it.

    1. Thank you Lisa! The colour is Dulux Feature Wall - Mulberry Burst i think. It's a while ago now, lol! :)


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