Monday, 4 April 2011

Your Own First Stop Shop!

Okay, your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to take one large box, raid all of your cupboards, and throw in those brand new unopened items that are scattered about the place just sitting there doing nothing.
  • The extra shave gel you got on a BOGOF.
  • The shower gels you got for Christmas
  • The baby wipes you stocked up on when they were only 89p each.
  • The next size dummies that baby isn't using yet.
etc etc etc.

Apart from the cathartic act of decluttering your cupboards, this task also serves a further purpose... If you're anything like me these things will be sat in cupboards for so long that you forget they're there. I always buy new toothbrushes when we need them, forgetting that I have some sat in a basket on top of the bathroom mirror that I got on impulse because they were on sale! I end up buying shower gels forgetting that we were bought lovely gift sets for Christmas with our favourite shower gels in there!

But now I have this box. This "First Stop Shop" where I look when I need new baby goods or toiletries. And because it's all in one place I might reach in for some wipes and notice that I have some hand soap. So the next time I am looking at hand soaps in the shop I will remember the time I saw some in the magical box of shiny new toiletries and save myself some pennies. Yey!

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  1. Hiya Sarah, I love the new look blog, I've just caught up on your last few posts, it's a great idea to keep everything in one place.
    And I think I'm just like you, I'm terrible for BOGOF and "Special Offers" so much so that my cupboards are jam packed with things that I often forget I have - and then I buy more - dh is always going mad about it.
    Thanks for the tips - Ju xx


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