Friday, 20 November 2009

Update coming soon

Find me some time, please? Where's The Doctor when you need him?! I could really do with another 12 hours in my day. Either that or to suddenly thrive on only 3 hours of sleep or something.

Here's today's list:

Pay card bill - DONE
Ironing - Massive pile taking over dining end of living room
Clean guinea pigs out - They're fed up of paddling around in their own poop
Edit baby pics - Yeah, mum is moaning about not having any recent ones
Send pics to mum - see above
Phone Sky - Why are they charging us a million pounds every month?
Arrange estate agents - to value our home
Catch up with emails and PMs - Because people will wonder if I still exist
Take Xmas pic of the baby - to cheat when making cards
Make Xmas cards - all 100 of them
Make birthday invites - to save on postage and send with Xmas cards
Book baby's 8-12 month check-up - preferably before she turns 2
Book hair appointment - otherwise I won't be able to see all the stuff I'm supposed to be doing as my fringe is so long
Do banking - DONE

I'll let you know how I get on.

Oh and that's not including the list of things I have to do every day, usually:

Hoover - so baby doesn't eat the fluff, contact lenses and toenails that accumulate every day
Dishwasher - because we go through as many pots as a small restaurant
Cook healthy meals for baby - while I live on bourbons
Wash, dress, clothe small person - and me!
Entertain small person - while trying to get away with watching an episode of True Blood/Smallville/Stargate Universe at the same time.
Walk to town/Tesco/mini Tesco - for something that you need, but don't have a car to nip and get.

Then I will sit down tonight and wonder why the heck I've been busy all day and got nothing done.

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  1. I've given up on trying to figure out what I did all day. The important stuff will get done. The rest is just fluff.
    I didn't know you watched Smallville!! Tom Welling is SOOOO SEXY!! And it has very important lessons that all young girls need to know (that nerdy sometimes is sexy). Silvia watches it with me sometimes too.


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